Conduit - Electrical

All Round Supplies offer a range of electrical conduit and accessories suitable for both above and below ground installations. Along with bends, couplers, slip collars, bell mouths and end caps in a variety of sizes, we supply standard electrical PVC conduit in diameters of 16mm – 200mm.

We also stock an array of conduit accessories, allowing our customers to purchase a complete conduit system in the one convenient location. Explore our range of duct seals, spacers, hardcover tapes, specialised tools, glue, mastic and lube, pits and lids, plates and tags, paint, marker posts and more.


  • Lengths
  • Bends
  • Couplers and slip collars
  • Bell mouths & end caps

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  • Conduit spacers
  • Polystyrene foam spacers

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  • Rope and string
  • Mastic
  • Plates and tags
  • Cable pulling lube

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  • Hessian sand bags
  • Woven poly bags

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  • Conduit cutters
  • Rubber cleaners
  • Proving mandrels
  • Rope blowers

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