Pole Transformers In Stock Now And Ready To Roll!

There's a huge range of pole transformers in stock right now across all ARS branches. Our pole transformers are for use on both utility networks and private networks (single phase, three phase and SWER), from 25kVa to 100kVa, dressed and undressed.

Transformers in stock now*:

05750 - 11kV, 50kVA, single phase, dressed
06549 - 12.7kV, 16kVA, SWER, dressed
06200 - 11kV, 63kVA, three phase, dressed
05749 - 22kV, 25kVA, single phase, dressed
06280 - 22kV, 25kVA, three phase, dressed
05747 - 11kV, 25kVA, single phase, dressed
05746 - 11kV, 25kVA, three phase, dressed
03345 - 11kV, 25kVA, single phase, undressed
02401 - 11kV, 63kVA, three phase, undressed

* Subject to prior sale

For more information or to purchase our pole transformers, call 1800 087 579 or visit your nearest branch today.