Ars Now The Nsw Distributor For Balmoral Engineering

All Round Supplies are now the NSW distributor for the Balmoral Engineering range of insulated mats, covers, guards, gloves, rescue kits and safety products.



Balmoral Engineering manufacture rescue kits for LV rescue and pole top rescue. These kits meet ENA standards and electrical guidelines in most states and territories.



Balmoral’s LV plastic guards or ‘tiger tails’ are used by utilities and electrical contractors. Installed over cables, wires, guys, power lines and aerial mains, tiger tails are designed to provide either mechanical protection, visual warning or electrical insulation.


Balmoral’s yellow insulating gloves are made from 100% natural rubber, and are ergonomically shaped for excellent strength and durability, as well as supreme feel and comfort. Offering the highest electrical protection, Balmoral’s gloves are also resistant to acid, ozone and low temperatures.

Balmoral  manufacture perfectly matched knitted cotton inner gloves, and leather outer gloves for maximum control.



Balmoral’s extensive range of low voltage mats and covers provide temporary insulation of potentially ‘live’ LV electrical components during routine maintenance work. Underground LV covers and drapes are designed to ‘screen’ substations, panels, switchboards, transformers, busbars, cabinets, columns, pillars and pits. Non slip and flexible,  the covers are weather resistant and meet ENA & electrical safety guidelines in most states and territories. Overhead LV covers and blankets are designed to ‘cover over’ power lines and mains, cross arms, fuses, links, communication cables, service wires and point of attachments. 

For more information on the Balmoral Engineering products carried by All Round Supplies, please read our Balmoral Brochure or visit MyShopNGo to buy.